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Consecutive interpretation: suitable for negotiation or small sessions in which a maximum of two or three languages are used. The interpreter sits at the conference table, takes notes, and when the speaker pauses, translates into the target language. This type of interpretation is not performed in real time and therefore prolongs the duration of the meeting.
Simultaneous interpretation: Instant translation. The interpreters, working in soundproof booths, listen to conference speakers through headsets and relay the translation to the participants, who are equipped with infrared receivers. This type of interpretation is suitable for conferences, congresses, corporate presentations and any kind of meeting in which translation is required in real time.
Whispered interpretation: Instant translation required by only one or two people. No equipment is used and the speaker does not pause while the interpreter is translating what has just been said.
Remote conference interpretation: Interpretation for conference calls or videoconferences

Types of translation

Literary translations

Prose, drama (fiction and non-fiction), articles, essays, press ublications, screenplays, web-sites content, etc.

Technical translation

This type of translations will include driver''s manuals, different rules, chedules, instructions, manuals, tourism guides, informational texts, labeling, product nformation, educational materials, examinations, etc.

Document translation

Birth Certificate, Death Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Adoption Certificate, Change of Name Certificate, Acknowledgement of atherhood Certificate, High School Diploma, Diploma, Transcripts, Reference, Criminal ecord, Police Certificate, Permission, Power of Attorney, Application, Various Forms, ffidavit of Support, Visa Documents, etc.


Private letters and emails, postcards, business letters and emails, etc.

Selective translation

A rendering of the details relating to a specific aspect of the source translation with the corresponding elimination of all other irrelevant information. Additional explanatory notes are often included to add depth to the certain subject.

Abstract translation

A summary of all the information in the source translation in the form of general themes, a description of specific information, or an abridged version of useful content.

Absolute translation

A complete translation of a text without any alteration of content or form of the original document.

Keyword translation

Only the keywords, indicating basic concepts of the text, are transferred into the target language to determine the necessity of full translation and how the text should be translated. The words are usually ordered to indicate importance.

Sight translation

The oral translation of a written text that usually occurs without preparation, on demand, in a professional environment.

Legal translations

Contracts, agreements, financial papers, leases, loan contracts, wills, laims, authorizations (доверенности), prenuptial agreement, etc.



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