Work experience:

Translation – since 2000
Consecutive interpreting – since 2000
Simultaneous interpreting – since 2009


Economics & Management
Business Management Systems; Business Training Class Materials; Consulting; Foreign Economic Relations; HR Management; Industrial Safety; International Economic Cooperation; Maintenance Manuals; Management; Occupational Health, Safety & Environment; Process Control; Procurement & Tenders; Project Documentation; State Governance; Strategic Planning; Strategic Stability; Urban Economy Management; WTO
Finance & Business
Accounting & Audit; Advertising & Public Relations; Annual Reports; Asset & Liability Management; Audit Reports; Banking & Finance; Building & Construction; Corporate Valuation; Credit & Payment Cards; Financial Analysis; Financial Documents; Financial Instruments; Financial Reporting; Foreign Exchange Markets; Hotel Design, Construction & Operation; Insurance; International Payments; Settlements & Clearing; Marketing; Mortgage Lending; Payment Instruments; Project Finance; Real Estate & Development; Risk Insurance
Industry & Technology
Electronics; Energy; Energy Grid Systems; Housing; Housing & Communal Services; Oil & Gas Industry; Oil Refining; Packaging; Printing & Publishing; Railways Industry; Telecommunications; Textiles & Clothing; Transport; Travel & Tourism; Water Treatment, Waste Treatment; Green standards; FSC; BREEAM
Civil Engineering; Electrical Engineering; Geotechnical Engineering; Industrial Engineering; Machinery & Tools; Manufacturing Processes; Marine Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Control & Accounting; Technical Specifications; Tunnel Construction; Railways Industry
Anti Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing; Banking Law; Contracts & Proposals; Corporate Law; Legislation; Licensing Agreements; Notary Services
Computer Hardware; Engineering Graphics; AutoCAD Drawings; Hardware User Manuals; Information technology
Healthcare; Resort Industry; WHO; Medical Care; Insurance; Medical support in Sport; Sport injuries; Anti-doping; WADA
Architecture; Art & Art Studies; Design;Journalism
Social Sciences & Politics
Civil Society; Demography; Diplomacy; Education; Fashion; Geography; History; International Politics; Political Sciences; Politics; Barrier-free environment
Agriculture & Food Industry
Fish Products; Fishing & Protection of Bioresources; Flora & Fauna; Foresting; Forest harvesting; Landscaping; Rehabilitation and restoration of Natural Resources; FSC; BREEAM; Carbon Footprint; Carbon Offsetting
Natural Sciences
Ecology & Environmental Sciences; Environmental Protection; Forestry; Geology
Audio & Video Technologies; Cinema; Leisure; Mass Media; Multimedia; Music; Sport; Theatre; TV & Radio; Olympic and Paralympic movement
Pure Sciences